Geocaching at the Walkersville Watershed

Geocache in StumpGeocaching, first coined by Matt Stum on the “GPS Stash Hunt” mailing list on May 30, 2000, was the joining of two familiar words. The prefix geo, for Earth, was used to describe the global nature of the activity, but also for its use in familiar topics in gps such as geography.

Today there are millions of Geocaches (Geo-cash-es) hidden all around the world and on all seven continents.  At the Walkersville Watershed we have a number of them hidden just for Scouts and Venturers to find. You won’t find these on, but we hope that if you like the hunt, you’ll go on to sign up for an account there and Cache On!

What do you need to do and what are the rules? I could write all day on this subject but many others have done that already, so here is a page that has most of the basics you can look at.

Now, for what you need from this page!  If you have a hand held GPSr, we are assuming you know how to load coordinates in to it using a .GPX file.  The rest of you probably have a GPSr enabled phone that can load apps. Grab yourself a copy of c:Geo from the Google Play App Store or any GPS/Geocaching software from Apple that will allow you to import a .GPX file. Here is a readme file which explains how to import the ..GPX file into c:geo.  I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t help you there, perhaps someone will send me that info to include here at some point.

And finally, here is a Walkersville Watershed Scout Geocaches file in .DOCX format which has all the information written out in case you have to enter the coordinates by hand.